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For over 15 years, National Transregional Accrediting Council (NTAAC) is an international institution, non-governmental, educational accrediting body, federally recognized as a non-profit organization. National Transregional has established high standards of a torch of excellence. National Transregional accredits and assists any private school, whether a Theological School, Seminary, University, College, or Program throughout the World. On Campus, Online and Distance Learning. Let NTAAC be part of YOUR INSTITUTION’S goal and success story!

Simple Eligibility

To be eligible for accreditation by NTAAC, an institution must meet the following


1. Programs offered must provide a clear written instructional methodology appropriate

to the subject matter and expected measurable outcomes.

2. Institutions must meet any and all applicable state licensing requirements.

3. Instructors must participate in continuing education programs.

4. Institutions must demonstrate continuous, ongoing, uninterrupted, successful operation

delivering education and/or training programs for at least two consecutive years

immediately prior to application.

5. Institutions have not had a prior accreditation withdrawn within one year prior to

application to NTAAC.

6. Institutions must be able to show a history of stable operating procedures for two years

prior to applying for accreditation.

7. Institutions must clearly define the degrees/certification programs offered that they

wish to have accredited.

8. Institutions must provide a time requirement for the education and training offered in

clock hours, credit hours, or continuing education units, as well as clearly defined

regulations governing attendance and graduation expectations based on the completion of

these time frames.

9. Institutions agree that upon application and accreditation they will abide by the

NTAAC rules, Principles of Ethics, Standards for Accreditation, policies, and procedures.

They also agree to support the goals and integrity of the accreditation process.

Institutions seeking accreditation, but failing to meet any of these criteria may appeal to

NTAAC for a waiver

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