About National Transregional Accrediting Council



National Trans-regional Accrediting Council (NTAAC) exists to assure the quality and assist in the improvement of the institution or program we accredit, preschool through postsecondary integrity and value

National Trans-regional Accrediting Council Board of Directors set the accreditation standards used to evaluate schools, monitor compliance, and grant accreditation certificates. Accreditation certificates are awarded only upon recommendation by the Board of Directors.

On site visits to applicant institutions are completed by National Trans-regional Accrediting Council representatives to gather data for the Board of Directors. Recommendations are then made to NTAAC Executive Board of Directors for a final decision and award.


National Transregional Accrediting Council is a professional, federally recognized, non-profit organization whose philosophy is to demonstrate accountability to the consuming public for education obtained in non-traditional biblically based educational institutions. This accountability is demonstrated by institutions that are accredited by National Trans-regional Accrediting Council, having documented evidence of compliance with NTAAC standards of structure and governance, material resources, policies, faculty and curriculum.


To provide a mechanism whereby private educational institutions demonstrate that they meet at least minimal standards of performance like any other government led accrediting agencies.

To provide consultation services that enable educational institutions to meet accepted standards of performance.

To provide the consuming public with the current status of institutions which have applied to National Trans-regional Accrediting Council for accreditation.

To provide a centralized information and referral source for issues that concern accredited institutions and non-traditional students.

To disseminate information about non-traditional educational options to the general public.

To promote academic excellence and accountability. National Trans-regional Accrediting Council


NTAAC’s Vission is to equip private schools of any kind get non-standard and non-government regulated accreditation


NTAAC’s Mission is to help private schools of any kind get non-standard and non-government regulated accreditation


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